Promoting ethical action in a global context.

At the Institute for Global Ethics, we provide a wide range of services and tools to foster informed ethical decision-making for corporations, government agencies, schools, and not for profit organizations. Our purpose is to encourage ethical action and help improve the ethical climate of all groups we work with. We do not seek to tell others what to think, but instead, we offer tools to help individuals navigate through difficult ethical issues.

What We Do

At the Institute for Global Ethics, we believe that individuals and organizations will falter if they simply limit the handling of moral issues to after-business hours or weekend retreats. Ethics is everywhere and truly matters on every level and every instance. We provide customized solutions to support each of our clients by implementing a variety of service offerings to meet each of our clients wherever they find themselves on the ethical spectrum.

Services include:

Where We work

The Institute for Global Ethics provides a range of services for thousands of groups throughout the world within various contexts. Our goal is to provide them with the tools and concepts that are necessary to improve their ethical climates.

We serve the following sectors globally:

How We Operate

As a non-profit institution dedicated to the advancement of ethics across all sectors it is imperative that we employ a blended funding strategy. Our funding primarily comes from:


Learn more about IGE's current projects and programming by watching IGE President and CEO, Anthony Gray, appear on "For the Record." In this episode, WISC-TV Editorial Director Neil Heinen interviews Gray on subjects ranging from the tools IGE provides for making ethical decisions in everyday life to the big picture questions of how we, as a society, view ethics today.

Contact us at your earliest convenience for assistance improving the ethical culture of your corporation, government, school, or not for profit organization.