Annual Appeal 2018

A Message from Anthony J. Gray

Dear Friends of IGE,

Nearly 30 years ago, in a small town in mid-coastal Maine, a group of committed individuals came together to pursue a singular goal; making the world a more ethical place. Since that day in 1990 the Institute for Global Ethics has developed educational programs and pursued research initiatives to promote this most worthy of tasks.

To that end, 2018 has been another momentous year in pursuit of our mission. We’ve been diligently working toward a number of short and long-term goals, all of them tailored to a single end: to provide IGE with the broadest, most effective platform for sharing our message.

We’ve expanded our scale of social-media activity, coverage, and sophistication. We’ve leveraged new communications channels to complement existing ones. And we’ve continued to spread our work through regular publications of Newsline®, seasonal updates, editorials, and the Ethical Fitness™ Seminars that we’ve provided since our founding.

Over the next year IGE will be focused on co-sponsoring an Ethics Symposium for 250 high school juniors and seniors, expanding the number and geographic reach of our Ethical Fitness Seminars, and increasing our systemic work with organizational cultures on behalf of clients from around the globe. However, none of this would be possible without your generous support.

I’m asking you to continue your support of IGE. Our ability to advance this mission has always depended upon the support of individuals like you. You are—and will remain—the driving force behind all of the Institute’s efforts. Knowing that the world is full of people with a commitment to ethics, fairness, and integrity inspires all of us at IGE.

Over the months to come, I look forward to sharing more about IGE’s strategy, initiatives, and progress with you, and, as always, I remain deeply grateful for your friendship, guidance and support.

With kindest regards,

Anthony J. Gray

President and CEO