How We Work

As a non-profit institution dedicated to the advancement of ethics across all sectors it is imperative that we employ a blended funding strategy. Our funding primarily comes from foundation giving, individual philanthropic support, and income from our training and consulting services.

Foundation Support

Typically, foundations support our organization in one of three ways: Grant funded research, project sponsorship, or general operating support. This model allows the Institute to extend its services to individuals and groups who otherwise could not secure the resources to collaborate with IGE as well as provides IGE with the resources to expand its intellectual contribution to the field of Applied Ethics.

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Individual giving

Individual giving is a cornerstone of IGE's funding. The Institute is deeply grateful for the partnership of individuals whose contributions help ensure our financial stability. This type of support helps to underwrite much of the day-to-day operations at the Institute allowing IGE to provide ethics training and consulting in a variety of settings. If you're an individual who has enjoyed IGE's work, please support us with a gift today.

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Training & Consulting Services

At the Institute for Global Ethics, we believe that one cannot limit grappling with moral issues to after-business hours or weekend retreats. Ethics is everywhere and truly matters on every level and every instance. The training and consulting services provided by IGE illuminates for individuals the need for ethics and how each of us can do better. Individuals and organizations are capable of developing what we call "ethical fitness"—which, like physical fitness, keeps you in mental and moral shape to recognize and address ethical dilemmas.

As a non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-profit organization our only agenda is ethics. IGE staff and trainers are expert at:

  • Building awareness about the ethical climate of the world today;
  • Guiding groups of individuals to discover their shared ethical values—the foundation for developing a common language; and
  • Providing practical tools to help people stop and think about the choices they make every day—we often refer to this as principled decision making.

What follows from our training and consulting services is more thoughtful choice making.