Corporate Giving

By sponsoring the Institute for Global Ethics, you are making an investment in creating communities of integrity. Your sponsorship helps IGE expand into new communities by providing services to schools and not for profit organizations who could not otherwise afford to make ethics a priority in their organizations.

Become a Project Sponsor

Project sponsorship is simple and starts at only $5,000. For every $5,000 you give we will locate and provide a seminar to a deserving organization in the geographic area you have specified.

Become a Local Partner

If you are interested in making a more lasting impact in the communities where you operate, consider becoming a local partner. As a local partner you will make a lead gift of $50,000, which will allow IGE to provide 10 seminars to organizations within geographic area you have specified. Next, with your help our team will begin seeking out other local project sponsors so that together we can extend the impact of your gift and really make an ethical splash.

Contact us today to learn more about how to become a project sponsor or local partner.