Annual Appeal 2017

A Message from Anthony J. Gray

Dear Friends of IGE,

I’ve had the privilege of sending out an annual appeal letter each of the four years I’ve been with the Institute, but this year, it feels very different.

I think we’ve all seen, over the past twelve months, how ethical decisionmaking can play out across a global stage. Whatever one’s personal opinions or political leanings, people are discussing ethics more than ever before. But to us, ethics has always been an everyday matter. That’s what we’ve been doing for almost thirty years.

That’s another reason this appeal feels different: our work at IGE is about to enter a bold new era, and I’m asking you to be a part of it. As you read about what we’ve been doing in 2017, and our ambitions for the future, I hope you realize that none of it would exist without you. That fact never strays far from my mind. I sincerely hope, both as you’re reading this letter and over the months to come, that the pride you take in the work we do at IGE will echo the pride we at IGE feel every day, knowing we have the support of people like you.

Building Our Team

We’ve always known that, for IGE to truly achieve our long-term goals, we’d need to put together a uniquely talented group of individuals, and that’s exactly the team we spent 2017 building. We’ve brought some remarkable people on board, and established programs to discover and secure new talent moving forward. At all levels, IGE is stronger, smarter, and more adaptable than ever. And we’ll need to be. The next few years will present sustained, complex challenges, and that’s precisely the sort of work our team signed on to do.

Spreading Our Message

But our work does not occur in a vacuum, because ethical decisionmaking is a fundamentally communal concern. It’s easy to make the right choice when you’re the only one involved, but ethics are about learning to see the bigger picture, to treat other people better so we all live better lives. That’s always been our message.

Over the next year, our voice is going to get a lot clearer. This modern internet age offers new, powerful ways to speak, so although we’ll still send out Newsline® and commentaries over e-mail, and there will always be a place for stuffing envelopes, we’re also going to increase our profile on social media. We’ve got some exciting campaigns lined up, and I hope that if you aren’t already following us, that you will be soon. The conversation never stops online, and we’d love you to be a part of it. Because in 2017, some of the most important communities in the world aren’t built with bricks and mortar.

Ethical Exemplars: Moral Courage in Action

Nothing gets people to listen like having something powerful to say. I’ve been writing commentaries on current events and social issues for the last few years, but in 2018, we’re going to expand our creative efforts far, far beyond that: instead of simply commenting on the news, we intend to create it.

Ethical Exemplars is the documentary and multimedia project I’ve been dreaming about since before I joined IGE, and 2018 is the year it gets made. Through a series of interviews with people whose lives have demonstrated significant moral and ethical gravitas and consistent moral courage, we intend to codify their collective wisdom and learn how to live more like these extraordinary individuals we so greatly admire.

I’m excited to show you what we’ve been working on. Over the next few months, we’ll be posting explanatory videos and historical footage on social media. We’ll release a film trailer. On the Ethical Exemplars website, you’ll be able to watch all of our clips, read more about the project, and sign up to receive future updates. This project of ours could change the world, and that’s no small thing. That’s why I’m so committed to doing it right, to doing it together, and, most importantly, to doing it now.

Now is always the best time to do great things, and together is the only way to get them done. That’s why I write these letters every year: because I see the potential for greatness in this organization, and I know with your support, we can make that vision a reality. I hope you’ll join us on this journey, and help IGE as we work to build a better, more ethical future.


Anthony J. Gray

President and CEO