Ethics in the Juvenile Justice System

The Institute for Global Ethics' (IGE) President and CEO, Anthony J. Gray, visited the Honorable Nicola E. Rubinow to refine IGE's approach.

Madison, WI: Anthony J. Gray, the President and CEO of IGE, recently visited with the Honorable Nicola E. Rubinow, a Judge of the Superior Court of Connecticut. As with his other meetings on his recent East Coast swing, Gray used this opportunity to broaden IGE's focus, hoping to gain a new perspective on the role ethics play in the juvenile justice system, a process Judge Rubinow has observed firsthand for much of her 22 year judicial career.

"IGE is about more than organizational ethics," Gray said. "It's about applying ethics in every context, and it's hard to imagine a situation more deserving of ethical decision making than juvenile justice, or a person better equipped to inform IGE about the field than Judge Rubinow."

Judge Rubinow was appointed to the bench in 1992, and was assigned to Connecticut's Regional Child Protection Session (CPS) from 2000 to 2004. After serving as the presiding judge in suburban Middletown and Torrington juvenile courts and three years at the juvenile court in the City of Waterbury, she has now returned to CPS where complex termination of parental rights trials are referred from throughout the state. In every case, Judge Rubinow applies exactly the ethical principles with which Gray is seeking to become familiar.

"It's good to see an organization like IGE take an interest in the interaction of ethics with the day-to-day judicial process," noted Judge Rubinow. "The juvenile justice system constantly presents challenging ethical questions, and I look forward to speaking further with Anthony about how I've learned to answer them."

The discussion continues Gray's pattern of cultivating relationships to integrate diverse perspectives into IGE's ethical decision making process. "We can't limit ourselves to one approach," Gray said. "Ethics is a holistic process, and learning from people like Judge Rubinow is a necessary step in refining it."

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