Tough Choices in Public Service

Helping Maine's Public Utilities Commission explore ethical fitness

Madison, WI: Last week IGE Master Trainer, Martin Taylor, facilitated back-to-back Ethical Fitness® Seminars for the staff and commissioners of Maine's Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

The PUC is responsible for making impartial, unbiased decisions in a transparent manner to ensure safe, reasonable and adequate utility service at regulated rates that are just and reasonable to consumers and public utilities. While PUC attorneys attend annual ethics training, the Commission chose to include all of its employees.

"My goal was to provide the PUC staff with IGE's unrivaled tools and techniques for thinking through those tough decisions where laws and standards do not readily exist or do not provide a clear answer for what to do," said Taylor. "During our time together participants were asked to practice analyzing and resolving ethical dilemmas as a stepping off point for developing what we call 'ethical fitness'—which, like physical fitness, keeps you in mental and moral shape to recognize and address ethical dilemmas."

The Maine Public Utilities Commission regulates electric, natural gas, telecommunications and water. The Commission oversees emerging competitive markets for some of these services. The Commission also regulates water taxis and ferries in Casco Bay, and promotes safe digging through the Dig Safe underground utility damage prevention program.

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