Professional Responsibility and Ethics: Knowing the Difference

IGE’s President and CEO, Anthony J. Gray, presented at the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Health, Labor, and Employment Law Institute.

Madison, WI: On August 21, as part of the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Health, Labor, and Employment Law Institute, Anthony J. Gray, the President and CEO of the Institute for Global Ethics (IGE), spoke before eighty health, labor and employment attorneys on how ethical decision-making strategies can help their practice move beyond compliance, becoming more flexible and efficient in the process.

“It’s a high-pressure world out there,” Gray said, “and it’s exactly those situations—when the stakes are high and there’s no time to consult the rulebook—that call for the kinds of strategies we’ve developed at IGE.”

During his 50 minute keynote, Gray presented on a range of issues, but focused on the difference between ethics and compliance. While questions of compliance, he explained, involve “right vs. wrong” situations, ethical dilemmas are more difficult to handle because they present issues of “right vs. right.”

“The profession sets out guidelines for how attorneys should behave, and that’s great,” said Gray. “But what if there’s no clear answer? What if there’s two? That’s when we, as attorneys, need to apply our own ethical judgment.”

The presentation was received well, as several attorneys expressed interest in scheduling one of IGE’s Ethical Fitness Seminars for their firms.

About IGE: Founded in 1990 with offices in New York City, Camden, Maine and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin the Institute for Global Ethics in is an independent, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting ethical action in a global context (

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