Enhancing Ethical Practices within the State of Maine

On March 30, the Institute for Global Ethics (IGE), presented an Ethical Fitness® Seminar at Sweetser, hosted in Brewer at the Machias Savings Bank and facilitated by IGE senior trainer, Cheryl LeBlond, LCSW. The two organizations held the training with the goal of enhancing ethical practices within the state of Maine by introducing an effective decision-making model, providing hands-on practice, and ultimately integrating ethical action into everyday life.

"We had a great discussion about how social services have government mandates, billable hours and other pressures that often conflict with or complicate the delivery of care. As providers, it can be challenging to prioritize time,” shares LeBlond. “The EFS helps providers use their time more efficiently and focus on what important elements to consider for sound, best decisions. Our training creates confidence by practicing this decision-making process."

Over its 25 years in Maine, IGE has provided training to thousands of individuals, who have then helped countless others by putting their training into practice. Our methodology focuses on individuals' attitudes and behaviors with consideration to their cultures and contexts. With an easily-adapted, inquiry-based approach, we can help every type of organization improve decision-making and related behaviors, and restore discourse when decisions are challenging or divisive.

About IGE: Founded in 1990 with offices in New York City, Camden, Maine and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin the Institute for Global Ethics in is an independent, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting ethical action in a global context ( www.globalethics.org ).

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