Board Supports Petition on Ethics Rule Changes

From left: District 9 Gov. Anthony Gray of Madison, with former State Bar President Steven Levine, Madison, and GLD representative Kathleen Chung, Madison.

The State Bar of Wisconsin Board of Governors unanimously supports a petition to amend the Wisconsin Professional Rules of Conduct for Attorneys. The State Bar’s Professional Ethics Committee drafted and recommended the petition, which reflects recent approved changes to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct as recommended by the ABA Ethics 20/20 Commission.

Wisconsin’s ethics rules are based on the ABA Model Rules with some differences specific to Wisconsin. The Ethics Committee, which studied the rules for two years, believes changes are necessary to address technology, outsourcing, disaggregation of legal services, and other modern day factors that are affecting the practice of law.

The petition will be submitted to the Wisconsin Supreme Court this month. Look for an in-depth explanation of the proposed changes in the Feb. 4 edition of InsideTrack.

For a brief overview of the petition’s recommended changes, see “ Highlights of Proposed Changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys.”

Excerpted from State Bar of Wisconsin: State Bar Board Supports Changes to Modernize Ethics Rules, Backs Mandatory E-filing Proposal, Takes Other Actions

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