IGE and Building Ethical Leaders Using an Integrated Ethical Framework (BELIEF)

(Madison, Wis). - IGE President and CEO Anthony Gray recently sat down with William C. McCoy, Director of the BELIEF program at Northern Illinois University (NIU). Gray and McCoy spoke about a number of ethics-related issues, including various methods of integrating ethical training into both corporate and college environments, the latter representing the prime focus of the BELIEF program.

Dr. McCoy is the resident ethicist at Northern Illinois University’s College of Business, where he chairs various ethics organizations and directs BELIEF, a foundational program whose initials stand for Building Ethical Leaders using an Integrated Ethical Framework, and which represents NIU’s approach to integrating ethics into the college classroom. The program includes assessments of ethical awareness and decision-making, an ethics handbook, corporate sponsors, and support activities, all of which aim to give students a framework to make ethical decisions which they can carry with them throughout their college careers and, indeed, their lives.

“It’s a pleasure to be working with Dr. McCoy,” said Gray. “BELIEF and IGE share a mission, in that we’re both looking for ways to teach decision-making skill-sets, which makes this partnership particularly promising.”

Dr. McCoy agreed. “IGE seeks to address the same issues as we do at the BELIEF program,” he said, “and I’m confident that working together, both our programs will extend their reach and further their missions.”

About IGE: Founded in 1990 with offices in New York City, Camden, Maine and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin the Institute for Global Ethics in is an independent, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting ethical action in a global context (www.globalethics.org ).

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