Consulting Services

IGE can craft a custom ethical solution for your organization, whether that means designing a custom training engagement or providing other ethics advisory services. Whatever ethical questions your organization may have, IGE can guide you to the answers.

Communication and Maintenance

The Institute for Global Ethics (IGE) has experienced communication professionals who know how to focus your people on ethical priorities by keeping the message fresh and relevant. Utilizing appropriate technology is critical for effectiveness and efficiency. We work with your internal resources to maintain a high level of attention from employees and management.

Code Creation

Code of conduct, code of ethics, or ethics standards—The Institute for Global Ethics can help you draft or revise the document that will engage the attention and guide the actions of your employees, while boosting their pride in the organization. With the background research we perform, we are able to make the code relevant to them and their workplace functions. Our goal is for employees to own the code and the culture it represents.

Executive Coaching

Leadership is largely defined by effective decision-making. Because of the complexity and sensitivity of decisions at the top and the pressure to "get it right," leaders often need help learning to analyze and resolve ethical dilemmas, and building the fluency to communicate the basis of decisions effectively. One-on-one coaching is highly effective for this purpose.The coaching process employs the Institute's ethical decision-making model to identify important aspects of awareness, analysis, and resolution faced by the individual leader at each stage of a complex and results oriented-critical decision, and works with the leader to address them. Coaching helps build fluency in communicating the ethics behind decisions, to increase trust with all constituents in an organization.

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