Research and Assessment Services

If you're not sure precisely how best to improve your organization's ethics, IGE offers ethical-culture assessments, a process founded on methodology and insights we've honed through twenty-plus years of quantitative research experience . We bring that expertise to bear through surveys, focus groups, and interviews, all specifically designed to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization's ethical culture.

Although these assessments are commonly used as pragmatic tools—diagnosing issues with existing codes of conduct or gathering information to draft a code from scratch—many organizations today retain IGE to get a concrete measure of their existing ethical culture. With a growing body of research showing how valuable such cultures can be, ethical-culture assessments have expanded beyond mere drafting tools: Today's modern organization recognizes that a culture of ethics is a concrete, valuable asset, one which IGE's assessment services can help them identify, quantify, and optimize.

Survey questions address values, ethical environment, professional ethics, and demographics, categories which together provide a comprehensive overview of an organization's ethical climate. Once this baseline is established, IGE may supplement it with information from focus groups and interviews, a multi-tiered process designed to accurately capture the nuances of your individual organizational culture.

Because IGE tailors the assessment process to each organization's unique needs and circumstances, the benefits are always slightly different, but every organization IGE works with has one thing in common after we're done: an improved culture of ethics. To find out how yours could benefit from IGE's research and assessment services, contact us today.