Over the past two-plus decades, our fleet of certified trainers have presented IGE's seminars to every conceivable audience, from Fortune 500 corporations to elementary-school administrators to every branch of the United States Armed Forces. While trainers tailor the precise elements of each seminar to the individual audience, the general structure remains the same. To IGE, after all, ethics is a process, one that is simple without being simplistic, complex but not complicated. And because it is a process, once learned it can be applied to whatever ethical questions may arise in the future. When an organization is full of people making better decisions, it creates what IGE calls a "culture of integrity": a supportive, positive atmosphere that builds morale, fosters internal and external loyalty, and improves reputation.

Ethical Fitness®

Reliable enough that its core principles have survived over twenty years but flexible enough to reach diverse audiences, the Ethical Fitness Seminar is built around group participation, shared ethical values, and the process of breaking down complicated ethical dilemmas into discrete and workable steps. After participants, whether five or fifty, work together in small groups to develop a shared language of ethical values, they together apply that language to a series of real-life dilemmas that they share with their groups. The trainer then lays out common types of ethical dilemmas, before finally teaching the group how to resolve them using streamlined versions of some of the oldest, most influential concepts in ethical philosophy. Our overarching aim is to provide our attendees with what we call Ethical Literacy®: the flexible, powerful, intuitive ability to navigate whatever ethical dilemmas may arise, no matter how novel or unexpected.

Moral Courage™

Gain insight into the nature of moral courage, the tools to analyze the dangers, and ways to measure our capability to endure the dangers we might confront. Through the sharing and telling of stories participants leave knowing how to make a morally courageous decision in the face of certain danger, trusting in their own unique capabilities. Moreover, they will be able to model moral leadership as well as lower the moral courage necessary for people to speak out in their organization.

Courage in Parenting™

This interactive two hour workshop helps participants understand the importance of ethical values, ethical decision making and moral courage for parents in the 21 stcentury. The purpose of the seminar is to give adults the tools to guide children through ethical dilemmas and engage them in sound, relevant conversations without sounding preachy, irrelevant, or old-fashioned. Call it character, integrity, virtue, morality, or ethics—whatever term you use, it comes down to living a values-based life. The seminar provides opportunities to practice with effective tools that you can then take forward and continue to develop while raising children.

Building School Culture™

By providing hands on opportunities for leadership, staff and faculty to come together around the need for ethics, the core ethical values they share, this seminar helps groups identify the specific ways each stakeholder can contribute to a culture of integrity at their school. The Building School Culture seminar also provides a chance to begin surfacing those faculty and staff who have a passion and skills to steward a long-term process for building a culture of integrity at their school.


Tackling the challeneges of running schools becomes easier once administrative leadership convene to explore IGE's process of breaking down complicated ethical dilemmas into discrete and workable steps and consider approaches to building cultures where trust and self-regulation are the norm. During the seminar, leaders learn ways to confront issues that face them every day and investigate the ways that decision-making affects the culture of the schools they lead.

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