Speakers at the Institute for Global Ethics

The Institute for Global Ethics (IGE) provides a wide variety of speaking services. Certified IGE trainers have spoken to groups from five to 500, where they've presented on topics ranging from ethical questions in current events, to why ethics matter in the modern age, to a modified version of our Ethical Fitness® Seminar. Over the past two decades, IGE trainers have been asked to speak at group retreats, corporate events, sessions on ethical education, and many other venues. Our currently certified trainers have backgrounds in, among other professions, law, medicine, marketing, education, and religion, which means that whatever your organization, we'll be able to provide a speaker who perfectly fits your needs.

For particularly special events, IGE's President and CEO, Anthony J. Gray, is also available to speak. A trained ethicist with real-world experience in politics, law, religion, and the corporate world, Mr. Gray can craft a presentation to meet your organization's needs. A professional and passionate speaker, his high-energy approach will keep your audience riveted.

Key Speakers

Anthony J. Gray, President & CEO

Prior to his appointment as President & CEO at IGE, Mr. Gray served as the Global Compliance Officer at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation where he led the ethics and compliance infrastructure for the company around the world. Mr. Gray holds a Master's degree in ethics from the Yale Divinity School, and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin. View full bio.

  • Speeches

    • Ethical Fitness® and the Practicing Attorney
      The practice of law has a well-deserved reputation as presenting some of the most stressful, complicated ethical questions of any profession. Yet beneath the codified rules of professional conduct lies a core of shared ethical values and a framework of ethical principles that, when properly applied, can guide attorneys through a process for analyzing and resolving the toughest ethical dilemmas they'll face - even when two or more core ethical values come into conflict. Ethical Fitness and the Practicing Attorney explores how attorneys, regardless of firm size or practice area, can begin developing what the Institute for Global Ethics calls "Ethical Fitness" so that attorneys can make better decisions in the stressful, high-stakes legal environment.

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