Additional Services


  • Culture Assessment: Based on the "Schools of Integrity" findings we have developed a simple, user-friendly assessment instrument to gain an understanding of your culture. This instrument is administered electronically; once all data is collected, the Institute will provide a short analysis of your culture based on responses. Student and adult versions are available.
  • Focus Groups: Sending the signal that "we're all in this together" can be an inspiring and critical first step to launching a long-term focus on ethics in your school or school district. Engaging a variety of constituent groups to explore ethical issues and attitudes tells members of your community that their opinions matter and that your ethics work will be designed with them in mind.
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching: Leadership is largely defined by effective decision-making. Because of the complexity and sensitivity of decisions at the top and the pressure to "get it right," leaders often need help learning to analyze and resolve ethical dilemmas, and building the fluency to communicate the basis of decisions effectively. One-on-one coaching is highly effective for this purpose.The coaching process employs the Institute's Ethical Fitness model to identify important aspects of awareness, analysis, and resolution faced by the individual leader at each stage of a complex and results oriented-critical decision, and works with the leader to address them. Coaching helps build fluency in communicating the ethics behind decisions, to increase trust with all constituents in a school community.

Speaking Engagements

  • Community Forums: The forum is designed to promote positive community connection to improve school or district climate. The forum is a key starting point for identifying the shared ethical values that all adults can agree to model and uphold. The forum engages community members and educators around the importance of ethics education and leads participants to a set of common ethical values that everyone can support and use to guide future planning.
  • Keynotes: Ethics are everywhere and truly matter on every level and in every instance. Our experienced speakers can bring ethical awareness to your school community while inspiring commitment to integrity. Through a collaborative process we will customize keynotes to meet your community's needs.