Professional Development Workshops

Building School Culture™ Workshop

Our four-hour or full-day, highly interactive workshop helps teachers, staff, and administrators build awareness about why ethics matter, come together around their core ethical values and their common purpose in schools, and consider ways to forward ethics across their school culture. These workshops also provide time to introduce the long-term design and intent of Ethical Literacy, and provide an opportunity to begin surfacing those faculty and/or staff who have a passion and skills to carry forward a long-term process for building a culture of integrity at their school.

Courage in Parenting™ Workshop

This workshop promotes a quick-paced, highly interactive conversation that is designed for parents and educators who want to strengthen integrity in young people. The objective is to give parents the tools to guide children through ethical dilemmas and engage them in meaningful conversations without sounding preachy, irrelevant, or old-fashioned. Learn more.

Ethical Fitness® Seminar

Our four-hour or full-day Ethical Fitness Seminar helps provide educators with the tools and confidence required to resolve tough, values-based dilemmas. Hundreds of people connected to schools–including students, teachers, adjunct personnel, and administrators–are using the Institute’s dynamic decision-making model to improve the way they live their lives and do their work.

Moral Courage™ Workshop

Our four-hour or full-day seminar is an interactive, small group course to help educators understand the importance of moral courage in 21st century culture; learn how to identify it, define its elements, put it into practice for themselves, and help others recognize and embody it. Learn more.

Tone-at-the-Top™ Seminar

Our four-hour highly interactive Tone-at-the-Top Seminar establishes processes for administrative leadership to explore the tough ethical dilemmas inherent in running schools, to communicate ethical decisions effectively, and to consider approaches to building cultures where trust and self-regulation are the norm. Learn more.

Customized Workshops

Each client has specific needs that may not be met by purchasing one of our standard workshops. Clients can mix and match modules to build customized workshops lasting anywhere from a minimum of two hours to a maximum of eight hours. Learn more.